2023 UPDATE: Sean is not able
to take orders for gift caricatures
at this time.


Gift Caricatures

by Sean Platt


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Digital Caricature/Cartoon Logos Caricatures For Events/Parties

Guest register caricature of bride and groom, retirement gifts, Christmas gifts, senior gifts, birthday gifts, and more.

Sketch stage for approval is included with each gift caricature purchase. Click to see sketch examples.

Receive an 11" x 14" caricature ready to be framed. Larger version (digital scan) available upon request.

Click on thumbnails below to see examples.

  Option A
Face and body caricature with props/background
Option B
Torso up caricature with minimal props and no background
Option C
Shoulders up caricature with no props/background

If you are wanting a caricature with a background scene,
this option is for you. Includes a sketch stage
for approval.

This option does not have a background scene but does allow you to include a prop or two to help personalize the caricature a little more. Includes a sketch stage for approval.

This option is the cheapest option but does not include any props or background. Includes a sketch stage for approval.

Prices range for this option depending on the complexity desired. Please contact Sean for a quote.

Prices range for this option depending on the complexity desired. Please contact Sean for a quote.

1 person - $60
2 people - $100

Black and White
1 person - $40
2 people - $60

3 or more - contact

*Prices do not include
sales tax and shipping/handling.


*Shipping and handling typically $15 in addition to prices above.
*Sean ONLY uses digital photos for reference.
*Caricatures! by Sean Platt does not mail caricatures matted and/or framed in order to allow customers to select mats and frames that coordinate with their own design preferences.
*Caricatures are standard size of 11" x 14".

See below for details on the process (updated 4/4/15)

Once you contact Sean with your idea, Sean will send a quote via email. If you express a desire to proceed, an invoice will be sent requesting a payment of half to begin sketch stage. The sketch is meant to capture the likeness of the individual as well as how other elements, props, and or characters in the caricature will look in terms of size, placement, and design. Sketch purchase includes revisions that are a result of: 1) inability by the artist to show an approved likeness of individual(s) as a caricature according to one reference photo for each individual in caricature as directed by customer 2) neglect by the artist to show elements (e.g., props, characters, individual(s) as caricature) as requested in terms of placement within logo/artwork if placement preferences were given by customer, either in wording and/or by visual representation 3) inability by the artist to design a requested character, prop, or other element as customer had envisioned if stylization preferences were given by customer ("more "cartoony" verses less "cartoony"). Sketch revisions that would incur an extra cost include: 1) changes in idea for how the caricature should look as expressed by customer (e.g., swinging a golf club instead of driving a golf cart) 2) misinformation or neglect to share needed details (e.g., specific kind of car) 3) receiving additional reference photo(s) and a request by customer to redraw according to additional photo(s) No color will be shown in sketch. Sketch will be overlaid with Caricatures! by Sean Platt watermark.


If the sketch is approved, the caricature will be inked and color will be added if requested.

If the sketch is not approved,
you can either opt to discontinue your use of Caricatures! by Sean Platt without any further payment or a request can be made for another sketch or for revisions to existing sketch.

Upon completion of caricature/artwork,
a JPEG format of your caricature/artwork overlaid with copyright watermark will be sent for your approval.

If final is approved,
an invoice will be sent requesting payment of the balance. Once the balance is paid the caricature will be shipped.

If final is not approved,
a request can be made for a redraw of the caricature at no cost if the final does not reflect the approved sketch OR if customer shared specific color directions that were not followed by the artist. Otherwise, alterations to the final will be an additional cost of 50%.

Payment can be made by
check, credit card over the phone, or by Paypal.

Please contact the office of you have any questions regarding the process explained above.


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All images are ©Caricatures by Sean Platt and cannot be used without permission.